The Building Process

Instead of just being the best in Texas, we strive to be the best for you.

Building your dream home Can be one of your greatest joys, or one of your greatest nightmares.

The three key items that can lead to a majority of the issues are the following:


Poor communication


Lack of experience in scheduling and budgeting


Limited knowledge of custom building for high performance houses

Casa Sereno Homes excel in these areas and outpace the competition. We understand the importance of strong communication, developing realistic schedules and formulating accurate construction budgets.

Combined with knowledge in construction and desire to build better, more efficient homes will make for very positive experience with Casa Sereno Homes.


Meet with Builder

Meet with John, the builder, to discuss what you are looking for in a home and share your expectations. This is an opportunity to openly speak about what your concerns are and see if your personalities are compatible for a positive working relationship.


Plan Design & Location

Are you looking to build on your own lot or do you need help looking for one? Do you have a plan in mind or are we going to design a custom plan? This is also an opportunity to talk about financing options.


Interior Design & Budgeting

Plans for the home and receiving bids from subcontractors will be in the finalizing stage. Once this is done you will begin working on your decorative, lighting and appliance selections for a complete home.  


Finalizing & Scheduling

Plan is discussed in depth about pricing, selections, and confirmed to begin building. Date of completion is given at this time.


Building Home

In the construction phase John will be supervising every step of the construction process. With Casa Sereno Homes you will be dealing directly with the builder for all facets of the job. 


Walk Through

There will be a thorough inspection and an orientation of the home and its features. This will be an opportunity to understand the intricacies and operations of your new home. 


Welcome Home

After confirming that everything has met your expectations and that is left is for you to move in!

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