Advantages of working with Casa Sereno Homes

Benefits of working with John Chatham to build your home;

1. John limits the number of houses he builds each year to focus on all aspects of your individual home. This has a number of benefits to you.

  1. John is able to schedule work flow in a manner which gets your home built in far less time than other builders.
  2. By not carrying a large staff, there are no big overhead charges many builders need to include in the overall cost of building your home.
  3. John is able to catch mistakes and issues which others may let slip through the cracks.
  4. You are dealing directly with John through all aspects of your build. Not a superintendent or an office administrator.

2. John is focused on saving you money without sacrificing quality. He is constantly working to upgrade his knowledge of updates and trends in Building Science.

  1. As tight as homes are built with today’s building codes, significant issues can arise if the air trapped in your home is not dealt well in a systematic manner. Think of a sealed terrarium with moisture trapped inside. If you add materials like drywall or wood into that environment and then apply heat, it becomes a breeding ground for molds and funguses. A house is no different.
  2. John is able to concentrate on building a superiorly crafted home achieving exceptional energy efficiency goal, but do it in a cost-effective way.

3. John’s key philosophies in home building;

  1. Personalization: he is building a relationship with each person he builds for and takes this responsibility to heart.
  2. Cost savings: John recognizes he is spending his client’s money and does everything he can to build in a cost-effective manner.
  3. Quality: it is important your home is built in a manner which assure comfort and durability for the decades to come.

4. Finally, John runs his business in a financially responsible manner which protects you from many of the issues you hear about in the news today. He believes in open and transparent questions about how he approaches protection of you and your money during and after the building of your home.

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